Are Press On Nails the New Acrylic?

Are Press On Nails the New Acrylic?

When the holidays are approaching and you have so many nieces and nephews who are expecting a great gift from their favorite aunt, you have to find ways to save money. Fluff has found the perfect alternative to your bi-weekly treat of a manicure. Press on nails!

In the past, press on nails used to look cheap and obnoxiously fake.  However, nail artists like Nailed by Cristy and brands like KISS have changed the nail game by creating an affordable alternative to acrylic nails, that looks just as good.

Now you can fake it to you make it with these press on nails for way less. Concerned that your perfectly priced nails won’t look like your fave tech did them? No worries, we have your back! A successful press-on application requires a few steps for the perfect look. Check out our step-by-step guide, courtesy of Fluff!

Steps To Apply Press On Nails

Step 1: Choose the right size nail. Most press on nails has a number on them to help you match both hands correctly.

Step 2: File and shape your nail to the shape of the press on your going to be wearing; coffin, almond, square, etc.

Step 3: Buff the surface of the nail bed to create texture. Doing this will help with adhesion.

Step 4: Push the cuticle to the shape of the base of the nail. By doing this, it will appear as if your nails were done professionally.

Step 5: Wash your hands and cleanse your nails.

Step 6: Alcohol is your best friend, not only on Friday nights but also while prepping your nail beds. A common mistake people make while applying press on nails is not properly cleaning the nail surface. Natural oils from skin and nails can cause the nails to lift or come off. Alcohol is used to ensure that you have strong adhesion.

Step 7: If you are using glue, apply a drop at the base and tip of your nail. The product will meet each other and create a seal with no air pockets. Less is more. If you use too much glue or cheap glue you can inadvertently make the bond less tight.

Step 8: When you apply the nail, work at a 45-degree angle aligning at the cuticle and press down toward the tip of your nail. Make sure you cover the entire nail and make sure it is secured.

Steps To Removing Press On Nails

The easiest way to remove press on nails is with cuticle oil. Apply a drop of cuticle oil, wait a couple of seconds to allow the oil to weaken the adhesive, and gently but firmly wiggle/pull the fake nail off. Do not rip off the nail without a product to loosen the adhesive. It can be both damaging and painful.

Pro Tip: Avoid doing dishes or any heavy cleaning for 24 hours. It takes time for the product to settle and mold to your natural nail.