Be Thankful For Diversity

Be Thankful For Diversity

More often than not we hear women, specifically African American women, say "I don't have good hair." What does that term mean in actuality?

Society has defined good hair as hair that is silky, straight, luxurious, and long. However, majority of women don't always have that type of hair. When we picture the average working woman today, she has either a straight textured bob, and nice bun or ponytail or a twist-out. All of these styles are equally beautiful and show how diverse we can be with our hair.

So why do some women still say " I don't have good hair?" This phrase has been embedded in our culture for so long until some women feel as though being natural is a big no-no. Not anymore! Instead, we are embracing our diverse hair textures.

A quote from Allure magazine article by Jihan Forbes states, "We have to unlearn all of that colonization we underwent, and really begin to discover how magical we are." Our hair is not what defines who we are, but it adds to our natural beauty.


Our hair also provides versatility. We can attempt many styles such as braids, twists, locs, fluffy up-dos, and blowouts. We will never be forced to wear one look or style.

As more and more women get in touch with their inner beauty, more will discover how diverse they can be with their hair. No matter your race or ethnicity your hair can be your way of self-expression. Thanks to great hair extensions, closures, and frontals from companies like Indique, all women can be diverse in their hairstyle of choice!