Cozy Fall Home: Faux Fur 101

Cozy Fall Home: Faux Fur 101

Fall is the season for baked apple pie and movie marathons. It's the season to get cozy inside and enjoy a few weekends of doing nothing. As a result, faux fur should be at the top of everyone's fall home wish list.

Faux fur is the quickest way to make a home feel not only homier but glamorous and stylish. Plus, regardless of your feelings on fur, faux fur is cruelty-free and wallet-friendly, so there are tons of affordable options online and at your local Target.

Check out some cool tips on how to incorporate some faux fur glam into your home this fall.


Less is Always More

While shopping for faux fur you only need one or two items per room. There's a fine line between luxury and rock star tacky. Minimum is always more when shopping for your favorite faux fur decor.

Faux Fur For Every Season? Color Matters

Faux fur can be year-round decor when it's the right color. Just like your clothes dark and warm colors does just that, keep you warm. So, if you live in a climate that is typically warm in every season, you should gear towards creams, lighter tans, and grays while shopping for faux fur. It will give you the flexibility to keep that throw blanket on your ottoman this spring.

Add It To Spaces That Need Texture

Typically faux fur should be added to a space that needs to be more inviting or a tad cozier. A throw blanket on a leather sofa can quickly change the aesthetics of your living room.

It's Almost Winter, Get Comfy!

Faux fur can set the tone of the room and making it more engaging and comfortable. Typically, the best room to add faux fur is in the bedroom since the setting is usually cozy. From experience, the comfort of faux fur pillows is undeniable. It emphasizes "once I get home, I'm staying home."

Check That It's Washable

Most faux fur can be washed in cold water and hung to dry, but it's always best to double check before making the purchase. One night of not washing your make up then your pillow is doomed for the trash.