Customizing Your Install With Texture

It is not uncommon for one’s hair to be a mosaic of different hair textures. For instance, one side of someone’s head may have looser ringlets, while the front has a wavier curl pattern. Having a mixture of textures is not uncommon, especially for curlier hair, so when selecting your bundles why not mix different textures to create a unique and customized look?

PURE Wavy x SEA Sumatra Wave

PURE Wavy x SEA Sumatra Wave

One of Indique's partner stylists, Joyce Bodden of salon Weft and Bond, is an advocate of mixing textures to “customize the outcome of the install.” Below is one of Joyce’s recommendations for combining texture to create a unique look that fits one’s style.

One of Joyce’s combinations involves mixing longer lengths of the following:

· BOUNCE Blow-Out

· BOUNCE Natural Roots

· SEA Sumatra Wave

For this mixture, Joyce used the BOUNCE Natural Roots as the predominant texture and used approximately a half bundle of each of the BOUNCE Blow-Out and SEA Sumatra Wave to achieve the look.

Another option could be to mix wavier textures, like the SEA Sumatra Wave with SEA Bali Straight or even the PURE Wavy. The combinations are plentiful.

What textures will you use to customize your next install? Will you combine a straight texture with a wavier one? Let us know how you are choosing to customize your tresses!