5 Nail Colors to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

5 Nail Colors to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

Let's start this holiday season off right, with a few nail colors that will for sure have you feeling ready for christmas.


OPI's Pirouette my Whistle says let it snow, snow, snow. A Little shimmer here and a little shimmer there will be enough to start this holiday off right. 


Chanel Le Vernis Neon Nail Color in Fantastic, Jolly Gee! If Christmas cheer wasn't in the room, these nails just brought em in!


OPI's Gold Key to the Kingdom shouts Christmas tree decorating and gold christmas party decor. Be the first ready step into the holiday season.


Essie's Be Cherry, more like be merry! Simple yet elegant. Watch out now! The real Santa coming through. 


OPI's Danny & Sandy 4 Ever is giving dark vibes with a little chill. Nothing says shimmer in the NYC night sky more than this pick.