9 Things You Should Do Before the Year is Over

9 Things You Should Do Before the Year is Over

Deep Clean Your Home

It's almost the new year and our homes can use a little deep cleaning to help let go of the current year. It's always great to enter into a new setting, a new time, and a new year with a clean home because not only does it look and feel good physically but it feels good to know you're starting fresh.

Clean Out Your E-mail Inbox and Folders

All year, we've been signing up for subscriptions to get deals and coupons but now they have just become overloading and somehow you've managed to accumulate 10,000 emails since January. It's time to clean out your emails, get rid of spam, and constant nagging emails about 20-30% off sales. There will be more, and 9 times out of 10, the sale has ended.

Count Your Loose Change, and Deposit It Into Your Savings

We all have change lying around somewhere. Time to gather them all up and head over to the bank. We never realize how much change we've actually saved up over the year until we deposit it into the bank. It's a great way to start the new year.

Get a New Hairstyle or Haircut

It's time to switch it up. A new hairstyle or haircut always gets us in the mood for the new year and we feel and look great. A different hairstyle or cut may bring out a different side of you or even help open up a new chapter in your life.


Take a Class

Enroll in a fitness, gym, art, singing, or dance class that may be different. It's a great way to meet people who are outgoing and optimistic to bring into the new year and also gives you a chance to release sweat and stress built up from the year.

Reconnect with Family and Friends

December is the perfect holiday month to spend quality time with friends and family. This definitely should be happening as often as possible, but it may not be that easy. You definitely want to make sure you're visiting friends and family before the new year to reminisce on the past year and talk about future plans.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Doctor and Dentist

It's always good to get your regular checkups, but entering a new year with healthy vital signs and just knowing your health is a great way to end and begin the year.

Organize your Digital Files and Back them up

This time of year is definitely a great time to back up your files on your computer, phone, and/or tablet just to make sure all of your files, pictures and anything important will be following you into the new year and not stressing you out.

Decide What You Need to Let Go

Make a list of things to let go, whether it be a bad habit, a person, a clothing item, or that last slice of pepperoni pizza. If it's toxic, it's time to move on from it especially if it's not making you happy or even an inconvenience. It's time to let it go and don't allow it to enter the new year with you.