Cardi B X FashionNova

Cardi B’s new FashionNova collection is here to have you styling and profiling for the new year! Although the collection sold out in a mere hours after its launch the collection is now restocked and ready for your purchase! We've watched Fluff Fave Cardi B grow into a well-established artist as her debut album broke Apple Musics record by being streamed 100 million times worldwide. When she isn't breaking records, posting viral videos or making hits she's collaborating with fashion brands. Amidst the success of her first major single she curated a small collection with none other than Steve Madden. The collaboration was a success as well as a big deal for an up-and-coming artist to partner with such a household name.

Cardi B has always been a fan of FashionNova and frequently shouts them out during interviews and even mentions them on her album. Cardi's style has grown a lot since her debut and with the help of her glam squad, she has taken on more of a polished, vintage look and we've also seen this shift in style during Paris Fashion Week. From her bold Micheal Costello printed dress and hat to her body contouring, VMA looks Cardi has been serving and we are here for it. Even though she can now afford the higher end clothing, she has never lost sight of where she started and continues to wear FashionNova and it’s this style choice that inspired her FashionNova collaboration.

FashionNova has recently expanded their inventory with a subsection called Luxe. When you click the Luxe tab you can find ball gowns, dressed fit for industry dinner parties and more. The price points are a bit higher than you might be used to seeing on FashionNova as Cardi B's collection falls right in line with Luxe's higher price points. She also promises that she picked the best materials to make the pieces as this collection features a few post worthy jackets. When asked which pieces are her staples Cardi B said "My favorites are definitely the jeans jackets and also the suits. Everybody knows I'm really good with suits. That is definitely me."

Known for using social media as their main source of marketing it makes sense that FashionNova and Cardi B would stream their star-studded launch on Instagram. The event was packed with celebrities from Christina Milan, Khloe Kardashian, The City Girls and Dream Doll among others. Cardi's attention to detail is especially commendable since she was working on this while pregnant. Score for working moms!