Tips on Flexi-Rodding Like A Pro!

Have you’ve spent countless hours on YouTube, watching tutorial after tutorial on how to achieve the best flexi rod set? We’ve gathered all the information we’ve learned from tutorial binges and simplified it all into these quick tips! Hopefully, after reading this, you'll become a bit of an expert at flexi rod sets!

Ideally, you should start with freshly shampooed and detangled hair; working on damp or newly shampooed hair gives the finished look a better hold and makes it less frizzy. However you can work on dry hair, if you are going for a fluffier, fuller look, and don’t mind some frizz, you can blow dry the hair first or start on "old" hair. 

When sectioning, grab small to medium sections of hair. Too much hair on one rod will likely cause frizz, and it will also slow down your drying time. 

Add a bit of a curl enhancer/setting product of your choice, we swear by the Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse to your sectioned off hair. A little goes a long way. You don't want your curls to be weighed down, brush the product through the hair and begin rolling. For dry hair, add a drop of your desired serum to the palm of your hand rub serum onto hair. 

Roll the hair in the direction you want your curl to fall. For more texture and volume, twist the rod as you roll the hair around the rod. For a spiral effect, add space as you roll the hair around the rod. Be sure to fold the rod where the hair stops, and hold the rod in place.

If you want more volume at the roots while curling your hair leave the roots a little loose so that they gain some volume there as your hair dries. 

Depending on how much time you have your drying can differ, you can use a standard hair dryer, sit under a dryer or simply letting hair air dry overnight. When drying hair overnight, please be sure your sleep with a satin bonnet or on a satin pillowcase. Satin helps keep your hair tamed and frizz free. 

For the takedown, make sure your hair 100% dry! Apply a little oil or a shine serum to your hands before removing the rods. Depending on how much fullness you prefer, you can separate each curl with your fingers, when doing this, twirl the curls in the direction they were rodded in to keep the curls going in the right direction.

To maintain the style, try not to separate the curls too much and allow the curls to fall over time. For a nighttime routine, you can reset them back onto the flexi rods, pin curl them or gather all your curls in a pineapple styled loose ponytail. Be sure to sleep with a satin bonnet on.

I hope you got some useful tips! Just know that practice makes perfect.