Here at Fluff, we love women who are trendsetters and are not afraid to be themselves. Hollywood's latest IT girl, Zendaya exudes those values and is making her presence known. Also, she is no stranger to Indique hair and to the bay area. Whether its from her effortless style, to her hair, and her impressive cinematic roles (check out "the greatest showman") Zendaya is one to watch out for! 


Zendaya capturing the falls trendy look of hair accessories, she still kept it classy yet sexy for Vanity Fare


Zendaya at the 2017 Met Gala. The Dolce & Gabbana dress paired with the blown out hair is creative and artistic. BOUNCE Organic Curl blown-out/picked out can achieve this look



Zendeya dons Victor & Rolf spring/summer 18 gown at the Greatest Showman premier movie in New York. Modern sleek hair can be achieved with any of our straight textures then styled by the cut.


Perfect Inspiration for Spring/Summer. The wavy hair can be replicated with out BOUNCE beach wave.


Bold eyebrows and a bold lip is the perfect flirty look for a romantic evening. This look was created for VANITY FAIR'S annual Hollywood issue.


This cute pixie cut makes a bold fashion-forward statement. SEA Sumatra Wave or PURE wavy work best with this hair texture