Frugal and Fabulous Guide to Traveling in 2018

Frugal and Fabulous Guide to Traveling in 2018

When you hear the word vacation, you instantly see dollar signs. You begin thinking of hotels, rental cars, flights and give up all hopes of making “boss moves” of 2018.

Believe it or not, traveling can be done on a budget. We are here with some tips on filling up your passport without breaking the bank. 


When it comes to booking a trip, finding a flight comes first. Apps and sites like Hopper, Orbitz, Kayak and CheapOAir make finding bargain flights a breeze. They can be conveniently accessed on a computer or even on your smartphone.

Hopper comes in the form of an app. Once downloaded and opened, the app will prompt you, after creating an account, to input your desired departure and arrival for your destination. Once selected, the app fetches a range of ticket prices from different airlines for your comparison. But what makes Hopper special? Not only will it fetch prices, it will recommend a time to purchase your ticket. The app will suggest either watching the trip, because prices will drop or booking it immediately, because prices will rise. In addition to this great feature, Hopper provides tips on obtaining a more pocket-friendly ticket. For example, the app will suggest using a different airport of departing or arriving on a different day. Although sites like Kayak, CheapOAir or Orbitz don’t go into as much detail with tips and watching flights, they provide price comparison.


Okay, you’ve managed to book a great flight, now what? It’s the first instinct of many to flock to well-known hotel brands, but they’re unnecessarily costing themselves extra money! Heard of AirBnB? This brand has made hotels a thing of the past as it allows for those traveling to rent out homes, apartments, condos and rooms for reasonable prices! The same price many pay for one hotel room can be used to purchase a condo or apartment for the duration of your stay in the destination of your choice. Many of the places listed on the site have washer and dryer units, full size kitchens and many more amenities. Airbnb’s allow their patrons to feel at home while traveling! A new addition to the site have been excursions. While you’re looking for a place to lay your head while you’re away, you can find fun classes, tours and restaurants in the area you’ll be visiting. Airbnb is a one stop shop for living like a local no matter where your go.


Getting around while traveling can be a challenge that can be solved with rental cars. A less expensive option to renting a car while out of town could be using that city’s public transportation, Lyft or Uber. In certain cities, there are even more taxi apps available depending on location. While I visited Paris, France four years ago, I took their subway to get around and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! My pass for a week was under fifteen euros and it could be used 24/7! If you’re not a fan of public transportation, Uber and Lyft may be for you. Drivers who have gone through thorough background checks are at your disposal through the companies smartphone apps. Uber and Lyft rides can cost as low as $8.00 depending on the miles traveled. If you’re traveling with friends, there are features that allow you to split the fare with them. Being free of a rental car excludes the worries of gas and drawing straws when picking the designated driver of the night! 

Don’t fret, ladies! With a little extra planning, your dream trips can come true without cleaning out your bank account.