Galentine's Day

Valentines Day is often dreaded by some single ladies, as it highlights the fact of being alone on a 'lovers holiday'. To end this lonely feeling women are now rallying up their closest girlfriend and are celebrating the love of their friendship and coining the day as #GalentinesDay


So what exactly is there to do with your BFFs on this day? Do you exchange gifts or just go out on a dinner date? Keep reading for tips on how to execute a Galentines Day so perfect, you'd want to continue this tradition even when you snag your future man! 

Galentines Gifting Guide

We definitely suggest cute and thoughtful gifts that you know your best friend will love. A few options for you to consider are: 

1. Make Up - Has your bestie been going on about a new lip color by Fenty Beauty, or what about a gorgeous highlighter palette from by Anastasia Beverly Hills? If so this is a sure way to make her happy and more importantly ready for her next best selfie!


2. Books - Being a good friend involves uplifting and inspiring your squad. Getting a book especially one centered on Personal Development and Women Empowerment is a great gift that she will have forever, and could benefit tremendously from! 


preview-full-girl code.jpg

3. Exercise Classes - Give her a head start on that summer body with passes to fitness classes. Whether she likes intense exercising like crossfit and spin classes, or something a bit more fun such as twerk fitness; She will thank you when she's beach body ready! 


4. Gift Cards: Sometimes a gift card is the best option as it allows for people to get exactly what they want and enjoy the shopping experience. The best gift-card you could get your friend is an Indique Gift Card which are available at all Indique Locations! Just be sure to tell her to sign up for the Rewards Program so she can earn points on her very first purchase! 

indique rewards.jpg

Now to ensure your Galentines Day is truly amazing, it doesn't stop at the gifts! Planning a fun night with your girls is the next step. Here are some great ideas. 

5. Pajama Party - Pull out your favorite pair of pajamas or buy matching ones and plan a night full of games, drinks, and snap-chat videos! You can even go all out and have your own filter made to show off how much fun you're having. 

preview-full-pajama party.jpg


6. Spa Day - How great would it be to spend the day relaxing and getting pampered? Book a full spa day with your girls covering everything from massages, facials, and nails! 


7. Photoshoot - Make some long lasting memories by having a creative photo-shoot with your friends. Go all out with hair, makeup, and a styled wardrobe. 


8.Dress Up for Dinner - Just because youre single doenst mean you should miss out on having a great dinner! This is the perfect time to get dressed go out with just the girls!