Hair Fragrances

Growing up watching my mom get ready to go out for a night on the town was the highlight of the night before the babysitter came. I always used to watch her spray her entire body with perfume and her finishing touch was to mist her hair with perfume.

Thanks to the glamorous women that we admire the new trend is hair fragrance. Now iconic fashion houses like Balmain are hopping on the wave and creating hair friendly versions of our favorite scents.  Hair Companies and fashion houses have formulated perfumes, especially for hair.

Once upon a time, people would only spray perfume on their hair when they couldn't roll out of bed in time to shampoo their hair before work after a long night out or bar hopping so they didn't smell like an ashtray. We all have been guilty of spraying our stands after a super sweaty gym session that had left you smelling like a tube sock.  After a grueling workout, who wants to blow dry their hair which is a mental undertaking all of its own.  That is why we love hair perfume because they're not quite as strong as regular perfume and not quite as drying to your hair, either.

Hair perfumes don't just make your hair smell good; they add shine and softness, too. Spritzing your brush with your hair fragrance of choice is a great way to distribute the fragrance evenly throughout your hair. Another fun hair fragrance fact is that your hair has twice as much surface than your skin, so you have twice as many chances to smell yummy.  We've made your life easier and have rounded up some of the most coveted hair perfumes that we absolutely adore

Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume ($72)
This hair perfume adds shine and offers UV protection, and it's super light and misty, so you only need one or two spritzes. And did we mention it last all day and you smell like a million bucks!


Miss Dior Hair Mist ($48).
If you wear Miss Dior already, this one is a no-brainer. It smells like a lighter, fresher version of its Eau de Parfum counterpart. 

preview-full-Miss Dior.JPG

Rose Fraîche is Fekkai’s ($20)
Bestselling hair fragrance, and understandably so. The powdery scent is so light, you might forget that you sprayed it on just moments after. But still, it gets the job done when it comes to masking sweat. 



Balmain Paris Hair Couture ($20)
it's a lightweight perfume enhanced with argan oil and silk proteins to repair and scent the hair.



Ari by Ariana Grande Hair Mist ($20)
Ariana Grande has the most recognizable ponytail in Hollywood right now, so it comes as no surprise that this hair scent would be just as sweet as her signature.