Fitness Check In

You set those New Year resolutions high; maybe a little too high. You started the year off strong hitting the gym hard and eating right. Somewhere along the line, those nachos begin to look irresistible again, and before you know it you have fallen off your healthy eating plan.  You are not alone. Minor setbacks will occur, but it's the bounce back that matters most. 

If you want to see a difference this time around, set realistic goals and slowly build your exercise and meal regimen. Remove one unhealthy food item per week. Gradually increase the amount of time spent at the gym by working out twice a week for fifteen minutes instead of shooting for thirty minutes during your first couple weeks. Once you get into the groove of things, you will be motivated to keep going.


Instead of loading up on diet supplements and appetite suppressants, drink a cup of water before every meal to lessen your appetite. Increasing your water intake is great for your overall health and tends to satisfy your hunger cravings.  To determine if you are truly hungry, drink a glass of water before each meal. This age-old trick is a perfect approach to a balanced diet and the best part is it's zero calories!  


You take selfies daily, why not take before and after photos to record your progress? Start by creating a new photo album on your phone to place all of your weight loss journey photographs.   Set a consistent schedule for uploading new photos to the album; whether its weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You can even create a private social media account to post and allow your close friends comment and help track your progress. Another great idea is to create a new page in your Notes app to document the day and weight whenever you add a new photo to the album or social media page.



We know you think cutting out all your favorite foods will help you lose weight but that is not the case. You could be setting yourself up for failure. If your diet is truly horrendous, then yes some things will have to go, bye-bye soda and fried foods. However, you could always try healthier versions of your favorite dishes. Remember, it took a lot more than one cookie to get you to your current weight, so having a planned reward snack or two will hurt you or your progress. 

Planning makes your weight loss journey a little easier to handle. Try meal prepping and organizing your workout routine ahead of time. Do not wait until the last minute to decide what to eat, because this may lead to you picking something ten times worse than what your meal plan would have contained. 

It is best to take baby steps than a big leap when it comes to your health and fitness. Remember, this health journey should potently turn into a lifestyle. Keep it up the good work, you got this!  Don't let a few bumps along the way keep you from reaching your ultimate goal. 

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