Fluff Up Your Easter Fit: The Ultimate Easter Style Guide

Easter is the time of year when everyone is celebrating a special holiday and revealing their spring fashions. This family-focused holiday is the reintroduction of the pastel color palette, white pants, and chiffon fabric.

Easter has become a day built around family, fun, and love. In preparation for the Easter festivities, there is one vital decision that trumps all Easter planning stress, your outfit choice.

Deciding what to wear on Easter is one of the toughest tasks, only because everyone wants to look their best, especially the ladies. Women have a ton of styling options and are able to experiment with multiple looks. However, the overall goal is to create a unique and glamorous ensemble.

With Easter quickly approaching, we've decided it was imperative to create a Fluff Easter Style Guide for our readers. Check out our top four style tips below:

Play With Color

The first decision that should be made when determining an outfit for Easter is the color choice. Pastels are always a good place to start, they are bright and whimsical which contributes to the Easter theme.

If the trouble lies in choosing which color compliments you best, another great option is to wear a multi-colored piece. Styles that are excellent with this color choice are a maxi dress, an off the shoulder blouse or a color block dresses. All of the options mentioned above usually are designed with free-flowing material and provides the ultimate Spring look, perfect for the Easter meet and greet!


Play With Colors.jpg

Jumpsuit Showstopper

Another useful styling tip for women who are on the move and have little time to shop, is to invest in a fashionable jumpsuit. This one-piece garment can be found anywhere and are very trendy in the Spring. A beautifully shaded chiffon jumpsuit is always a good go-to, and can easily be rocked with your stilettos.

Jumpsuit Showstopper 1.jpg

Be the Chic Lady in White Jeans

Another chic look for Easter fashions are white jeans. White can be paired with any color, and with the winter behind us, would be a great candidate to contribute to an awesome Spring breakout fit. One way to wear a nice pair of white skinny jeans is to pair it with a beautiful pastel top. To create a dramatic yet subtle addition to your outfit, use your shoes as a statement piece. Use jewelry to add more delicate details to this look.


The Finishing Touch – Makeup

Along with beautiful outfit choices, Easter also calls for the right cosmetics. There are many makeup themes that can go for the perfect Spring look. Some popular options are the nude look or a nature beat with a bold lip. One of Fluff’s favorites is a neutral smoky eye with the winged liner and a soft lip. This look is radiant and fresh and easy to manage throughout the day.


Spring is here, and it is the best time of year for lively fashion. From chiffon fabrics to pastels, Easter is the perfect time to flaunt your Spring trends.