For the past couple of years, the natural curly hair look has been making huge impacts in the hair industry. Here at Fluff we love curls just as much as you do. If you still want the natural hair look without leaving your natural hair exposed, we have various curl patterns that will work for just about anyone.

Best part of rocking any of our curly textures is that you can do just about anything to the hair. If you fear coloring your own hair but would like to see how a new bold color would look, hair extensions is the best way for you to try it out. Furthermore, if you'd like to see how a certain length or a style looks Indique Hair has several options for you to achieve your desired look. Great thing about maintenance of curly hair is that it does not differ much from natural curly hair. De-tangling curly hair is extremely important to the life of the hair and helps limit breakage and shedding. Also, products that are sulfate free are critical to use in any of our hair textures ( Indique Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner are perfect for this).

Indique's BOUNCE Organic and Coil Curl textures work extremely well with the Design Essentials Almond and Avocado nourishing co-wash. Not only does it smell refreshing, the way the co-wash revitalizes curls is miraculous. Lastly, a curl spray( like the Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Enhancing Spray) refresher is the perfect way to bring your frizzy curly hair to beautiful defined textured curls. 

This look exudes a bold statement with the hair color


Gabrielle Union stunned at Paris Fashion Week with this ensemble. Our PURE curly would work perfect to replicate this look. 


Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has the perfect hair. The texture can pair perfectly with our BOUNCE Organic Curl. Twists done ahead of time can help save time with the detangling process and maintain the moisture of the curls.


Trendsetter Rihanna did not disspoint with this color and curl. Flirty beachy curls can be achieved with our BOUNCE deep wave. A heat rod, with a heat protectant applied beforehand, can also replicate this style.