Spring Cleaning 101: Closet Purge

April is here and so is spring. The sunny days in this new season help shed light on the total restart and declutter purge needed in your eating habits, your home and your overall life.

While its pretty simple to put down the coffee and pick up the fresh berry smoothie, it sometimes becomes quite blurry on deciding what's really important once it's time to tackle your closet. The simple thought of throwing out anything in our precious wardrobe can be absolutely cringing.  The key to a successful closet detox is to focus on top quality pieces that are actually being worn versus letting go of anything that's simply collecting dust.  Follow this guide to help throw out anything in your closet that is deemed "MUST GO".

Clothing You Haven't Worn in The Last Year
Let it go, no excuses. The one-year rule is a perfect way to separate pieces you actually wear and create much more space in your closet. 

Stained Tees & Tanks
You mostly only wear this shirt to do your Sunday cleaning but sometimes as an undershirt in the winter- toss it. Buy a fresh pack of tees this season and don't worry about anyone seeing those bleach stains.

Damaged Socked & Underwear
Loose panties are not sexy, and neither are holes in your big toe. Throw out anything stretched out, damaged or stained. Treat yourself to an undergarments shopping spree this week.

Single Socks
Unless you plan on wearing mix match sneakers too, throw out those socks without a friend and clear up all that drawer space.

Wire Dry Hangers
They bend, they break and they're ugly. Treat your clothes nicely and get some good quality hangers.

Broken Hangers
If it's broken, just buy a new one. The hassle of trying to fix a hanger and the worry of damage on your clothes isn't worth it. Replace the broken hangers with a fresh pack. The aura of the closet really does upgrade.

Damaged & Loose Jewelry
While we would all love to hang on to every piece of jewelry, it's inevitable to lose a couple of earrings here and there. Throw out all of those broken necklaces and single earrings, make room for some new accessories this season!