The Best Lip Masks To Restore Dry & Dull Lips 

The Best Lip Masks To Restore Dry & Dull Lips 

Everyone loves soft, plump, juicy lips! Whether you are using a homemade sugar scrub or a high-end product, supple lips will never go out of style! There are multiple regimes for lip care. Lip mask is a cost-efficient option for retaining moisture and hydration for the lips without breaking the bank! Below are a few lip masks to try before bed while catching up on last-minute tasks.

1. KNC Beauty Lip Mask (5) Pack - $25.00

Aren't these lip masks cute? Founder Kristen Crawley decided to create KNC Beauty Lip Masks that offer a natural alternative to Botox for plumper lips. Made with vitamin E oil, rose flower oil and cherry extract, KNC Beauty Lip Masks is the ultimate hydration.

KNC Lip Masks.jpg

2. TONYMOLY Kiss Lovely Lip Patch - $4.50

TONYMOLY's Kiss Lovely Lip Patch is a lip balm packed lip mask. It is great for providing your lips with some TLC and moisture. TONYMOLY's Kiss Lovely Lip Patch has multiple fun ingredients such as strawberry, blueberry and blackberry extract. Doesn't that sound tasty? Quick tip: Don't eat the mask.


3. LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask - $20.00

If you are looking for fast results, try the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask. This lip mask does the work overnight. It consumes vitamin E (the holy grail) and antioxidants that are beneficial for you lips care! 


3. Sephora Collection Lip Mask - $3.00

Last but not least, Sephora's Rose Lip Mask is a replenishing and nourishing lip mask that softens your lips like no other. Priced at only $3 and infused with rose extract, this mask is an ideal quick fix. All you have to do is leave it on for 15 minutes to get gorgeous supple and hydrated lips! 


Have you ever used a lip mask? If so, which one?