Essential Oils For Hair Growth 

What's going on underneath those laid frontals and closures? It's almost summer time; you know the time when we get brave and leave a lot more hair out of our braid down for a versatile sew-in. Have you set your strands up for success?  No worries, there is still time to revive and restore every stand, and it all begins with the essentials; oil that is. 

Essential oils are natural oils retrieved through the distillation of plants. These oils preserve fragrances from the extracted source. Essential oils have become very popular in the hair industry. It is now what we look for when reviewing hair product ingredients. Did you know some essential oils can be used to promote healthy hair growth? 

Here's list of essentials oils and their contribution too healthy hair growth:

Rosemary Oil:


Rosemary has a long history of solving hair problems dating back too Ancient Egypt. The oil is extracted from the rosemary herb and is one of few oils that stimulate hair grown, repairs thinning hair, and improve blood circulation. Rosemary oil is believed to increase cellular metabolism which encourages hair growth. Try using this oil as a pre-shampoo or scalp treatment.

Chamomile Essential Oil: 


Chamomile has become popular in local cafes as a soothing tea. However, chamomile isn't just great to drink it is also great for hair growth. Chamomile oil is highly effective and can assist with dry irritating scalp and hair growth.

Cedar Oil: 


Cedarwood essential oil help stimulate hair follicles and increase scalp circulation. Cedarwood treats thinning hair, which makes it a great option for those with alopecia.

Moisturizing your scalp with these essential oils while wearing a protective style will create long-term hair growth and strength. If you would like a hair analysis to tell you exactly what your hair needs, check out Indique ID powered by Myavana! It is a digital hair & scalp analysis that provides a hair regimen along with the products that you should use.