Fluff Fave- Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina, the beauty influencer that has stolen our hearts since March 2009.  Miss Jackie is known to be outspoken about her beliefs whether its religion, woman's rights, or consumers rights. Her youtube page is for the woman who wants to know the newest makeup trends, as well as hear another women's honest views about hot topics. Ms. Jackie always put her two cents in when it comes beauty brands and their products. She's quick to address companies that are reluctant to formulate darker shades but also cheers for the few that '' get it right''. 

Jackie has come along way from her "fabulous faces" days when she would create looks with a  dramatic eye being the focus. Now, she reviews makeup and provides knowledge on the development of makeup trends and techniques as well as the dos and dont's in the makeup game.

One of Fluff's favorite Jackie Aina makeup tutorials is the "Non-Appropriating Festival Makeup + Festival Survival Tips!" tutorial where she showcased how to be festive without appropriating another culture. Culture appropriating has become a hot topic, and this was a fun way to mix beauty and social awareness.

This beauty vlogger began pursuing makeup art as a seriously in 2009. She worked for MAC and Bobbi Brown cosmetics for a few years and then freelanced as a makeup artist for five years. Jackie has collaborated with Elf, Artist Couture, Sigma, and is currently working with Too Faced to expand their "Born This Way" foundation shades.  These collaborations, among other business ventures, has solidified her as a force to reckoned with in the beauty industry. 

We salute you Jackie A.