Wedding Bells: Fluff's Spring and Summer Fashion Report

It’s is a wonderful thing to have found that person you feel like you can spend the rest of your life with. It is also a beautiful thing to have it all come together with an extravagant wedding celebration.

As the guest have you ever been lost as to what to wear? You don’t want to out shine the bride, but you also don’t want to be that person who over thinks their outfit. Now when you and your friends reflect about the wedding all they talk about is that train wreck of an outfit that you came in.  Even in that moment you still took the shine from the Bride and Groom. What is a girl to do, Let Fluff help!  Here at Fluff we have provided creative ways to help you blend in but stand out. So when you are a guest at the next Spring/ Summer wedding here are a few guideline to help you.  


First things first, you must read the invitation. Make a note of the invitation theme colors, and of any instruction to you as a guest about the dress code. This will help you from showing up to the wedding looking as if you are a part of the it. Second, when shopping for your outfit modesty is the key, it is ok to show off some skin but again we are trying to blend in. A nice off the shoulder dress or sleeve less high neckline dress this would be a good example of ways to show a little skin but still being modest.

You can accomplish this look with a silk dress, maxi dress, high neckline mini dress, loose off the shoulder dress, jumpsuit, wrap dress, boho floral dress or a fit and flare skirt. Make sure the length of the dress is appropriate. Also try to stay away from any low-cut dresses, or any skin-tight dresses you want to be able to move and enjoy your night. Now let’s talk what colors and patterns are appropriate to wear to a wedding.


preview-full-Don-t-wear-all-white-or-show-cleavag-594580 (1).jpg


We all know the one main rule of thumb for attending a wedding- WHITE is off limits, here are some other colors that you don’t want to wear either.

Black –  As this is a celebration we want to be in vibrant colors.

Cream, ivory, off white, champagne, and nude are colors to stay away from when attending a wedding. These colors may give off an illusion from a distance or at a glance that you maybe the bride or a bridesmaid.

Glitter, sheer, and see-through materials are attention grabbers and our main goal is to to support the bride and groom on their day not distract from it.





It is the Spring/ Summer so play around with vibrant colors to bring you that pop you need in order to look fabulous but not enough to distract from the main attraction the bride. The main colors that will give you that pop are: powered blue, rose gold, pink, mint green, lavender and peach these are colors that are for the season.

Floral print can be appropriate. Just remember one print per dress, you do not want to overwhelm your dress with different patterns and shapes.

Colors like orange, yellow and blue are great if you want a vibrant color but try to wear a pastel shade to decrease the chances of being too bright.