Fluff Fragrance: Princess Eau de Toilette by Vera Wang

Vera Wang's Princess is the perfect fun and flirty fragrance. It begins with notes of waterlilly, lady apple, mandarin meringue, and golden apricot. Mid notes of ripe pink guava, tahitian flower, wild tuberose and dark chocolate which gives way to delectable base notes of pink frosting accord, precious amber, forbidden woods, royal musk and chiffon vanilla.



This radiant and whimsical fragrance is perfect for every occasion. Princess is a sheer scent that isn't overwhelming to the senses. This captivating aroma is a delicate yet rich mixture of vanilla, exotic flowers and succulent fruits.




Helpful Fragrance Tips:

• Fragrance lasts longer on damp skin and blooms when worn on moisturized skin. Apply your fragrance right out of the shower while your skin is clean and warm. Your pores are open and can soak up the fragrance. As your skin warms up during the day, the scent of perfume gets released slowly. 
• Spraying fragrance on the hair can also emit a good amount of perfume. However, fragrance can sprayed on freshly-cleaned hair as unwashed hair contains oil and dirt that could distort the scent. 
• Fragrance smells best when applied to the warmer parts of your body. Apply to pulse points where the heartbeat is apparent such as the ankles, back of the knees, bends of the elbows, wrists, cleavage and the back of the neck. Furthermore, spraying at the ankles makes the fragrance blossom. You don't have to spray EVERY pulse point. Keep in mind what the fashion icon Coco Chanel said: "Put on perfume where you'd like to be kissed." 
• Each person has a personal "scent circle"- no more than an arm's length from the body. No one should be aware of your fragrance unless he or she steps into your "circle".

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Vera Wang Fragrance - Princess - $36.00 - $60.00