Iconic Hair - The Afro

The modern-day afro is everywhere these days! Today a perfectly coiffed afro is as likely to be seen on the red carpet, runway, award shows, music festivals, and even the football field. 

Afro's are adorning crowns in a variety of shapes and colors! This oldie but goodie hairstyle received a great deal of acceptance and love during the civil rights movement and throughout the 1970's. Now men and women alike are wearing their curls in numerous ways, personalized and picked to perfection. Below are some great examples of #afrogoals along with tips and tricks to achieving the same look.





Afro-Latina Singer Amara Le Negra is unapologetic when it comes to her luscious locks! Create this beautiful mane with Indique's BOUNCE Coil Curl in 10" and 14". To create a fuller, bigger 'fro such as the one worn by Amara, pick or comb your roots in small, short strokes while the hair is still damp. That will create the fullness you desire, minus the frizz!






Recreate actress and activist Amandla Stenberg's cute curls with Indique’s BOUNCE Coil Curl in 14".


Erykah Badu will always be an inspiration to us in more ways than one!  You can recreate this fluffy mane with 3-4 bundles of Indique's BOUNCE Organic Curlin 18". To perfect the blow-out texture, gently brush the hair, while damp, with a paddle brush. Make sure your hair is damp before separating your curls to avoid breakage.

preview-full-Erykah Badu afro.png
preview-full-Joan Smalls.jpg






To create a softer, looser, curly 'fro roller set your hair and separate your curls by hand when completely dry. You can also create an edgy version of Joan Small's romantic look using Indique's PURE Curly texture in 12".












The soft 'fro was popular in the early 80's and was worn by numerous of women ranging from Phylicia Rashad on the Cosby Show to a young Whitney Houston. The soft 'fro can be easily duplicated using Indique's BOUNCE Blow Out in 14".


Add some edge to your curls with color! When deciding to color your hair or hair extensions, consult with an expert first. Indique's BOUNCE Organic Curl will recreate either of the looks below.


Hair Tools and Products:


A hair pick is a tool that any and every 'fro wearer should have! This McKesson Hair Pick is only $0.13 at Betty Mills.

Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Water Curl Refresher is a great product to use to revitalize your curls. 

For more defined curls, you can use a  curling wand.


Using a diffuser to dry your hair is another good way of achieving fullness and definition. DevaCurl's DevaDryer and DevaFuser is a great product that works on all curl types. 

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse will assist with defining your curls. 

Paddle brushes are not only used for detangling but also to separate your curls to create a fluffier look.