The Ponytail 2.0

With the re-emergence of the classic ponytail, the styling options are endless! A ponytail is a great look to have in between long-lasting protective styles such as sew-ins and braids. It is also the perfect hairstyle for vacation. Looking for a ponytail style that suits you best for spring/summer? Below are a variety of ponytail styles along with Indique textures that can be used to achieve the look. 






The Low, Curly Ponytail

Oprah takes the low ponytail up a notch in February's issue of O! Magazine with her pink and purple curls pulled back into a full, edgy ponytail. Create this look using two bundles of Indique's Pure Curly in 24". Pro tip: To create defined and uniform curls, use a curling wand.

Rihanna hi curly pony.jpg







The High, Curly Ponytail

Recreate Rihanna's flawless tousled updo using Indique's STUDIO Curly Fishnet in 16", pulled into a loose, high ponytail.

preview-lightbox-Angela Bassett pony.jpg






The Sleek, Straight Ponytail

Angela Bassett pulls this classy look together with a simple, straight ponytail. This ponytail is very simple to recreate with or without a closure/frontal. Indique's SEA Bali Straight is an ideal texture to recreate this ponytail.  

preview-lightbox-Khloe K hi pony.png




The High, Wavy Ponytail

Khloe Kardashian is sporting a half up, half down pony style. This style is stylish, yet fun. This high wavy ponytail can be achieved using Indique's PURE Wavy 24".

preview-lightbox-Zendaya low pony.jpg





The Low, Wavy Ponytail 

Zendaya is giving us elegant bohemian vibes in a low, wavy ponytail. The middle part adds a chic flare to the overall look.  The ponytail is slightly teased to elevate this style. This low wavy ponytail can be achieved using Indique's PURE Wavy 20".   

preview-lightbox-Ciara hi pony.jpg





The Blown-Out Ponytail

Ciara gives us retro 1960's vibes with her blown-out high ponytail. Create a full, high ponytail like Ciara's with Indique's Blow Out texture in 22" from the BOUNCE Collection.

preview-lightbox-Serena Williams pony.jpg




The Accessorized Ponytail

Let's take notes from Serena Williams and spruce up our ponytails with an accessory or two! It's unexpected and maybe just the right thing to complete your look! You can recreate this luscious pony with Indique's Relaxed Straight 22" from the Bounce Collection, paired with hair accessories from your local beauty supply store.