Hornets Don't Just Buzz, They Dance

Basketball is amongst the most popular sports in America. The thrill of the game brings many people out, especially around the playoffs. The basketball players may be the main event, but they are not the only stars of the show. Fans come to see the cheerleaders kill the halftime show.

The Honey Bees, Charlotte Hornets professional cheerleading team, is a fan favorite. They are known to have high energy and great dance routines. The Honey Bees are preparing to light up the summer with auditions starting June 2, 2018.

In professional cheerleading, there is always the notion to "go hard or go home."  Although this is can be true, allow us to equip you with the tools to refrain from overdoing it this upcoming cheer season.

Professional Cheerleading Auditions Do's and Don'ts:


1. Wear vibrant hair;

- It should flow, swing, bounce and add more character to your dance moves. - Great Indique textures to use to achieve the look is SEA Bali Straight, PURE Curly, BOUNCE Coil Curl, SEA Sumatra Wave, and SEA Tahitian Wave.

2. Wear natural makeup with a bold lip color; For example burgundy, deep purple, deep magenta.

3. Prepare choreography for the freestyle portion.

4. Create an regimen to keep your hair rejuvenated 

- When there are multiple practices in one week, refresh your mane with Design Essentials Natural Coconut Water Curl Refresher. 

5. Dance like your life depends on it.


1. Do not wear your hair in a ponytail.

2. Do not wear makeup with excessive glitter, highlighter, and blush.

- Super dramatic makeup can be distracting and take the focus away from your dancing.

3. Do not repress your dancing abilities. Show off all of your dancing techniques. 

- If the opportunity presents itself, perform all of the dancing styles you have perfected. These dancing styles can include jazz, hip hop, lyrical, ballet, and tap. Remember to showcase your tumbling skills too.

4. Do not forget your dramatic facial expressions.

5. Do not compare yourself to other cheerleaders.

 - Stay original and give it all you got. 

Be sure to visit the Honey Bees' tab on the Hornets website for additional tips and to sign up for auditions.