How does the condition of my hair affect its health?

Healthy hair is subjective to many people. There are so many hair challenges, that most have never experienced the optimal result. Healthy hair can be short, medium or long in length. Most people don’t realize that maximum density and manageability are key indicators. As a healthy hair expert, my goal is centered on revealing your personal hair DNA. 

Reflect on the best hair that you ever had and that’s the goal. Well for me I wanted my childhood hair with its authentic texture. This was a journey of surrender because I gave up the following: no heat, color, cuts or extensions.  Therefore, my plan was based on eliminating all practices that contribute to altering my organic hair state. 

Chemical and color changes often cause hair challenges large and small. Whenever you chemically alter your hair it is important to be gentle. The chemicals used in hair relaxers are mild hair removers. There is no scientific way not to lose 50% of the hair’s moisture and strength with a relaxer also density. Understanding the risk is half the battle.

Hair bleach is a silent hair killer when left on too long and done too often. Peroxide with high percentages also wreaks havoc on the cuticle layers of the hair, exposing strands to damaging possibilities through moisture loss and breakage. Now that you have an idea what not to do, here is where you want to begin.

Heat Styling abuse is caused by unregulated heat. Conventional stoves, marcel irons and pressing combs are hair killers. Dryness is the number one cause of breakage. Fire is a no-no. Instead, use ionic heat and ceramic tools. The frequency determines your individual hair state.

Healthy Hair Journey

Consult with An Expert

  1. Find A Healthy Hair Care Expert – Interview Stylist/Ask for Referrals
  2. Choose Hair Goals – What do you want to grow into?
  3. Choose Natural Hair Styles – Your natural style choice straight or curly.
  4. Choose Protective Hair Styles – Braids, Sew In or Wigs/Units
  5. Understand Your Hair & Let Go – Excessive heat, color or chemicals goodbye.

Analyze Your Hair, Scalp & Condition

  1. Hair & Scalp Analysis – Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair
  2. Identify Your Hair Texture – Coarse Medium or Fine Matters
  3. Identify Your Hair Type – Straight, Wavy or Curly Matters
  4. Identify Your Hair Condition – Porosity, Elasticity, Density Matters

Personalized Product Recommendations

  1. Shampoo – Clarify and Hydrate
  2. Conditioner – Moisturize and Strengthen
  3. Treatment - Repair
  4. Leave-In Conditioner – Protect 
  5. Wet Styling – Style Memory
  6. Cream – Moisture Maintenance
  7. Oils – Seal and Smooth
  8. Serums – Slip and Shine
  9. Finishing Products – Hold and Glow

Personalized Hair Care Regimen

  1. Daily – Protect and style with minimum manipulation
  2. Weekly – Style Refresh
  3. Bi-Weekly – Shampoo & Condition Limit
  4. Monthly – Shampoo and Treatment with Steam Therapy
  5. Quarterly – Trim
  6. Bi-Annually - Color
  7. Yearly – Length Check

The 25-point checklist is a roadmap to healthy hair. You can begin with Indique ID powered by Myavana.