Pole Fitness: Taboo or a Workout?

Pole Dancing: Taboo or Workout?

For years, pole dancing has been seen as an art only done by professional exotic dancers. Now Pole fitness is a popular way to keep fit and feel sexy while doing it! You get all of the benefits of doing a full body workout at the gym without feeling the hassle or pressure of traditional workouts. You don’t have to be good at dancing or climbing to get started.

Pole fitness is an all inclusive workout. Pole classes don’t discriminate. Women and men of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds are welcome. Whether you participate in a co-ed class or all women class the environment is encouraging and positive. Classes can contain students, dancers, housewives, bodybuilders and those within a category all of their own. After attending pole class you can expect to see results from attending as little as once a week as it is possible to burn 500 or more calories per session.


Although it may not feel like exercise in the moment, it will catch up to you. It is common that after your first session, to feel extremely sore. As you grow stronger and attend more classes your body will thank you in the long run. Initially, it can be a little awkward when you begin classes. Trying to be sexy while exercising is almost comedic!

A hidden benefit to the class, is the ability to build confidence within the few times you attended. If you are not ready to attend a group class yet? That’s ok, poles can be purchased for in home use and you can even purchase DVDs or watch YouTube to practice in the privacy of your own home (at your own discretion of course).

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If you want to get started at the studio, Groupon has an endless amount of pole studios that offer discounted rates to first-timers. If you're seeking a new innovative way to workout regularly, I have found something that sticks and I highly recommend to everyone that they try it at least once! So whether its pole dancing, yoga, Zumba or pilates, there is no time like the present when it comes to getting in shape, but don't forget to make it fun. Remember, getting in shape doesn't have to be complete torture! Test your limits this spring and try new things on your journey to fitness.