Beach Please

Since Rihanna launched her highly anticipated makeup brand Fenty Beauty in September of last year, she manage to keep the momentum going in a beauty industry full of many high end brands and well known makeup companies. Fenty Beauty seems to always blow them all out the water and keep us at the edge of our seats!

Fenty beauty already had us shook with the major launch of 40 shade foundation range and by adding showstopping highlighters and very well formulated rainbow matte lipsticks, what more can your expect? How about some Body shimmer!


The island girl has the beauty industry once again shooketh with yet another launch of some absolutely stunning body shimmers just in time for the summer time and its driving us wild! Although its not quite summer yet you can fake that very sunkissed glow with her new trio before the sun is officially here.

Get Summertime Fine with these Shimmers!



This collection pleasantly titled "Beach Please" has two different Body Lava Luminizer, a glitter pom pom and a Kabuki Brush made specifically to apply your body lava with perfection. The Body Lavas comes in two different shades of shimmer "Brown Sugar" which is more of a bronzed glow compared to "Who Needs Clothes" that has more of a natural glow which are both retailed at $59.00. 



The Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom although not completely necessary since the main attraction seems to be the the Body Lava its just a great addition to your makeup counter with such gorgeous packing. The Glittering Pom Pom adds that extra touch of sparkle with a Rose Gold Shimmer this can be added on top of your Body Lava so it might just be worth the splurge retailed at $42.00. 



Choose your favorite Body Lava with these swatches on different skin tones shown above and below. 


We all know how messy this can get without having the right tools for application so don't forget to add that Face & Body Kabuki Brush retailed at $34.00 to complete the full collection. Get yours now before this collection fly off the shelves ladies!