Split Down The Middle

Hair dye has been a great way to express your creativity with no words spoken and with the explosion of wigs its so much easier and of course safer to turn your wigs into your very own personal chemistry project. With stars like DreamDoll, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B its no wonder we are obsessed with all this color


What better way to spice up your look than with the trendy half split-dyed strands. We took notice of this look back when Nicki Minaj came onto to scene with her very big and colorful tresses but let's be honest I don't think the world was ready yet! But now wigs becoming almost the new normal we have definitely seen more women really taking advantage of these units to try colors they would never be able to do without extreme damage to their very own hair.


Split Dye is just as it sounds, Just split your hair straight down the middle and choose the color dye of your liking! Starting off with a 613 Blonde is always best to help with the amount of ease it would take to do some lovely pastels colors. Do you love pastels? How about a light pink and mint green...Yess go for it! 


How about your dark tresses! What about a clean mix of Black and Red. You can do like most ladies and bleach your darker hair to lighten hair to add your favorite vibrant red or Take one simple step with products like Loreal for Dark Hair Only and go for a more subtle red that you can wear around the fall months.

This is one trend that is here to stay! Consider the amount of damage we would actually be doing to our own hair without wigs, this is a great protective method and why not look good while taking care of your own natural hair. It gives you the chance to be a blonde on Monday and a Red head by Friday. If you can’t decide which color to go with just do them both!


Split Dye is a such a great trend to take your creativity to the next level, made popular by Nicki Minaj it seems to be making a comeback and is bigger than ever! Get your unit customized and flaunt your new look, Although it may be a little tedious to get this done the outcome will be worth it so pick your two favorite colors and make the hair gawds proud!