How To Achieve a Cut Crease

Makeup enhances your natural beauty and allows you be creative through your looks. Social media has provided a platform for makeup artists to share their art amongst millions of people. Some of these innovative looks become trends, even found on runways. Beauty trends come and go, and can sometimes become hard to keep up with.  There was the contour phase, the brow era, and more recently the ever-versatile cut crease craze.

What is a cut crease?  Basically, it is the application of shadow that creates depth and dimension to your eyes. The cut crease can be a bit difficult to follow. It takes a steady hand and can get tricky with hooded or deep-set eyes.

We have some instructions on how to achieve the perfect cut crease.  Whit these tips you'll be able to pull off this dynamic eye look in no time!

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Tip 1:  Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Applying a primer before your foundation is an important step that you should always follow. Primers will make your shadow appear smooth and pigmented. Milani's Eyeshadow Primer is a drugstore brand that definitely gets the job done. If you don't mind spending the extra coin try Laura Mercier's Eye Basics Primer.

Milani's Eyeshadow Primer sold at Target for $5.99

Milani's Eyeshadow Primer sold at Target for $5.99

Laura Mercier's Eye Basics Primer sold at Sephoria for $28.00

Laura Mercier's Eye Basics Primer sold at Sephoria for $28.00


Tip 2: Stick To Mattes When Creating The Crease

A light matte brown, warm or cool, serves an amazing transition shade.  You want to ease colors from the skin to shadow, and something a little darker than your skin tone helps do that in a way that looks blended and natural. 

Tip 3: The Look Isn't Complete Without The Liner

Use a dark eyeliner to sketch a V-shape. Start from the crease in the middle of your eye and connect to the outer corner of your eye. Use less pressure in the center of your lid and create a line thicker toward the outer corner.


Tip 4: The Brush Is Key

Use a fluffy brush to blend out the line made by the eyeliner. If you need extra help blending use the transition shade to really make that transition seamless.


Tip 5:  Save The Best For Last - The Lids

When you apply the eyeshadow first, it occasionally blends so much that it buries the crease. Instead, apply the eyeshadow to your eyelids last. This way, the color looks applied to a natural crease. If you would like to add definition to the lash line, use a eyeliner to spice up the look.


We hope these tips work out for you, but there is another option for those who want the look but lack the hand-eye coordination.  Brazilian makeup artist Jack Nogueirs invented a tool called the Stamp Crease! This stamp may look unusual, but it cuts your make up time in half and guarantees dependable application. Jack created this eyeshadow stamp after seeing the perfect cut crease technique in such high demand from clients. Unfortunately, this tool is not available in the United States, yet.

stamp crease.png

However you decide to wear this look, we are sure you'll look good and have fun creating it!