Luxury Living - Travel Edition

Most of the time, we plan a vacation by saving money and creating an itinerary. Managing all of this, plus ensuring we catch every deal, can sometimes take months to execute accurately. However, there are a select few who can travel anywhere on a whim. They stay at the most luxurious and exotic places in the world

As an outsider looking in, we've been fascinated with the life of luxury, something we could manifest for ourselves.  If you’ve ever drooled over fancy bedding, outdoor tubs, presidential suites or mind-blowing views then follow us on our journey looking at some of the world’s most lavish and exquisite hotels.

Disclaimer: They are incredibly expensive.


The Ritz Paris

The Ritz holds the standard of luxury in the hospitality industry.  The Ritz Paris is no exception. Among the thirteen ‘Prestige’ suites this location houses, the most notable by far is the Imperial Suite. One of the rooms located in this suite is a replica of Marie-Antoinette's chambers in Versailles.


There happens to be a little island just off the coast of Italy called Sardinia. This precious piece of land holds one of the worlds coveted suites at Hotel Cala di Volpe. The penthouse offers views of the island, unlike anything you have ever seen. In addition to the beautifully handcrafted furnishing and bright tiles, a stay in this suite gives you exclusive access to the rooftop pool, solarium and wine cellar. With a hefty price tag starting around $22,158.00, it won’t disappoint.


The Maldives has been a very popular vacation spot for the rich and famous. With places to go and relax, like The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, it’s no wonder why these islands are becoming a vacation favorite.  The John Jacob Astor Estate is a two-story, three-bedroom residence that consist of villas and classic Maldives housing.  A stay in this swanky estate comes with a 24-hour butler among other great amenities. A night’s rest at this St. Regis will set you back $25,656.00 on average.


As with the Maldives, Turks and Caicos have been a common vacation spot for those leading an extravagant lifestyle. At Amanyara Villa you’ll find a refreshing blend of indoor and outdoor living. Perks include infinity pools, outdoor showers and day beds. Also included in your stay are rooms serviced by chefs and housekeepers, and you’re equipped with golf carts to navigate the 18,000-acre reserve. All these luxuries come in around $26,822.00 per night.


Fiji is known for its tropical climate and relaxing vacations. The Hilltop Villa located on Laucala Island in Fiji only adds to its identity. Described as "a resort inside a resort" the Hilltop has panoramic views of pools and natural greenery. For $57,726.00 per night, you’ll also have a nanny, chauffeur, and chef at your beck and call. In addition to this, the Hilltop offers Fijian horses to guests to get from beach to beach if they decide not to use a chauffeur.


Macau is a city in China located on the South China Sea. It currently houses the most expensive hotel in the world. THE 13 in Macau is such an extravagant casino hotel it cost $5,830,940.00 to build each guest room. It’s no wonder a one night stay here cost $75,802.00! Nothing you can’t win back at the casino, right? With amenities such as Roman tubs big enough for eight people, butler service, and the complimentary use of the Rolls Royce Phantom you’re really in for an all-out experience.

What are some other hotels and resorts that motivate you to work hard so you can travel harder?