The wet hair look has been making a splash, with celebrities like the the Kardashian Clan, Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez sliding down the red carpet with this sassy look that gives your that extra sex appeal with that look of drenched hair, it's no wonder this wet look is heating up this season.


Of course all these major celebrities have a stylist available at all times to achieve any look they have in mind, but what about the everyday women on the go who wants to achieve this Red Carpet look?

Fluff Magazine is here to help. There are two main products that you would need to achieve this look and that's Styling Wax and a gel of your choice.


The first major tip is to use hair wax instead of just water to your hair. Applying Hair Wax to your wet hair is a major key to help with that wet shiny look, this creates more texture with your hair and a lot of sheen which helps you achieve the sleek shiny look.


The next Pro-Tip to create this look is to find the perfect gel of your choice, a gel is a must. By mixing your favorite gel with the hair wax to freshly washed hair you can instantly watch the magic happen. Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Defining Gelee is the perfect product, it is lightweight that you can afford to get heavy on the coats but not have to deal with crunchy hair.



Gorilla Snot Gel is also another great option to mix with your Styling Wax. It has many different levels of holding power! This way you have control over how much movement your hair will have.


As with most hairstyles you want to make sure to finish off your look with your favorite spritz to keep that hair in place so there will be no need for any touch ups for that night out on the prowl.