Is Dad Subscribed?

Our dad is the first man in our lives. They are the pillar of the family who sets the moral standard and makes sacrifices so we can live better lives. However, you have to admit that it is notoriously hard to purchase gifts for your Dad. No worries, Fluff has your back! We have some gift ideas for all the father figures in your life.

What's better than one gift? How about a gift every month!  If you enjoyed our previous article Are You Subscribed?you will love this Dad inspired edition. Subscription boxes are the easiest way to get everything your dad might need or want delivered to his doorstep.

Here is Fluff's top picks:

watch gang 2.jpg




Watch Gang

Watch Gang allows you choose a watch every month based on your price point. With a wide variety of brands and styles, your dad will never get tired of receiving this package! The bonus for this subscription is he can get a Rolex just for being a member! Every Friday Watch Game gives out a Rolex to one of their members. Who would say no to that?!

BEAN 5.jpg


Bean Box

If Pops is a coffee connoisseur, this is the perfect gift for him! Bean Box allows you to try out all types of Seattle roasted coffee. When you sign up for the subscription, you choose your roast preference and how often you want it. For $260 your dad will have an entire year's worth of coffee, enough to keep him running while he's helping you assemble your IKEA bed.



Men's Health

Is your dad a fitness freak or does he like to pretend he is healthy so he doesn't feel bad about the fact that he can eat his weight in barbecue? The Men's Health box would be the perfect fit!  It provides everything fitness.  It features the editor’s favorites of protein powders, snacks, body wash, socks and more. The price tag comes in at $359 for the entire year. The boxes come seasonally, but the bonus is everything in the box is full sized.


Butcher Box

If your dear old Dad loves meat, which most men do, this is a dream come true! First, you choose from their curated mix of high-quality beef, chicken, and pork. Then, you receive your insulated box of frozen meat at your doorstep. Now, this subscription box is a little pricey at $129 per box, but that doesn't matter if your Papa's happy! Right?


preview-full-Battle box.jpg



Has your dad been binge-watching all of the survivors shows or is he part lumberjack? Battlbox is an ideal gift for him. Pick a box based on your budget or your Dad's level of survival expertise; Basic, Advance, Pro and Pro Advance. Every box has survival gear that will get your Dad ready for the next zombie apocalypse.  Prices start at $24.99 a month and go up to 149.99 a month.





Southern Cigar Company

Discover some of the world's greatest cigars every month. In this subscription box, you will receive four cigars. Each box has an information card, a cigar lighter or torch, and cutter.  When your dad is hanging out with his poker buddies, he can feel like the biggest boss in the room because he's puffing on exclusive cigars from all over the world.


Which subscription would your Dad love the most?