Summit21 Takes over Atlanta!
Blavity's Founder- Morgan DeBaun

Blavity's Founder- Morgan DeBaun

Summit 21, powered by Blavity's 21 Ninety,  is an annual conference featuring the top entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators. Any woman seeking knowledge, encouragement, and sisterhood; this event is for you! This past weekend, this year’s Summit 21 occurred on June 8-9th in Atlanta, Georgia and Fluff Magazine was there! Check out our recap below.

The event was beautifully set up with numerous bright backdrops and props perfect for photo-ops. Additionally, each vendor’s table included an interactive activity. At any event of this nature, you can expect SWAG BAGS. That is correct free products in addition to the wealth of knowledge. This year’s swag included full-sized Shea Moisture products, Mielle Organics, and Dove products to name a few. American Airline’s provided complimentary champagne paired with the opportunity to win a free trip! 


During the summit, the audience was able to participate in intimate conversations called Fire Chats with CurlBox powerhouse Myliek Teele, Karen Civil, Angela Rye, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Zim Ugochukwu, Melissa Butler and many more. In addition to the guest speakers, there were a plethora of women in attendance who were business owners, stylists, vloggers, creators and all around go-getters that can help any young mogul expand her network. 

One of the cool things about Summit21 is how they organized pathways, making it easy for those in attendance to be intentional of the information they received. There are three tracks: Beauty, Impact, and Money. Beauty was all about women of color “making our own claim creatively and financially”. While the Impact track, catered to women seeking social change and answers to questions, “How can I truly make a change”.  Lastly the Money track, who don’t want to get to the money? The money track was loaded with advice and helpful tips from women who have broken the glass ceiling and are making money moves in their respective industry. 


The keynote speakers were open, very friendly and candid. A majority of the women posed for photos with those in attendance after their Fire Chat. One speaker’s message, in particular, shined super bright, Myleik Teele! Titled “Limitless Living: Overcoming Yourself To Reach Your True Potential”  inspired us at Fluff, so it was only right we share her knowledge, that way our readers also could indulge in limitless living! 

Teele opened the session with an Eckhart Tolle quote, “Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it”. Wow, so simple but mind-blowing. Myleik opens up about how her life changed when she started viewing her challenges as opportunities.

Three Major Takeaways From Myliek Teele:
1. Everyone starts on Day 1- Do not give power to fearful thoughts or compare your skill sets to others because we are all just trying to figure it out
2. Do not try to be better than anyone else, just work to be the best
3.  Train your mind to see challenges as an opportunity
4. Be honest with yourself! Acknowledge your self-imposed limitations and use them as an opportunity to grow.
5. All limits are removable
6. Act with intention at all times

Myleik closed her session with a homework assignment that our Fluffers could also participate in. 

Step 1: Write down 3-5 fears you have about taking your life or business to the next level?
Step 2: What are some things you’ve been saying to yourself and friends that are not true? Write them all down and then write what makes them untrue
Step 3. Write down 3-5 intentions you can set that will propel your life, business, or career forward. 

The great news is this event happens annually. So if you were not able to attend this year be on the lookout for the 2019 dates. Updates on Summit21 can be found on their website here