Four NYC Restaurants You Have To Post On Instagram

We all enjoy an Instagram-worthy restaurant, one with delicious cuisine, a relaxed ambiance, and trendy decor. There are four excellent restaurants in New York you must try this summer. Not only does each of these restaurants serve food that is out of this world, each are designed to be a statement on its own, and perfect for a dope Instagram post! Keep reading for details.



Pietro Nolita - 174 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

Known for their pink interior, Pierto Nolita is an Italian eatery that is suitable for all of your themed Instagram shots.  Don't forget to grab one of their pink napkins as a personal souvenir. The entire venue is an ideal backdrop for your Instagram pic. Oh, and of course the food is great!




Miss Lily's - 109 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009

This Jamaican restaurant, which house the BEST rum bar, is a mini getaway to the islands right in New York City. Take your Instagram pics while sipping on their fan favorite, delicious Rum Punch and listening to old school reggae toons! Their menu has hidden jewels as well. The jerk chicken and curry chicken roti are out of this world! YUM!




Butter & Scotch - 818 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11225

Need a sugar rush? Butter & Scotch has you covered! With a menu full of desert-infused cocktails, shakes and treats (that changes with the season), you can eat at Miss Lily's and grab dessert here after. Butter & Scotch is known for their birthday cake, which we suggest that you share with a friend. Don't forget to try one of their fancy cocktails as well!






Tao - 92 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10010

Asian cuisine has to be a favorite among most. Especially, when it served in a gorgeous space. TAO provides an experience you will never forget. In addition to serving delicious food, the architecture and interior design is breathtaking! You can't resist the urge of taking pictures, especially in front of the giant entryway doors.




Which restaurant are you willing to try on your trip to New York this summer?