I Got Baking Soda!

Baking soda is great for everyday use in the kitchen, but it is also the perfect substitute for many personal care items that can cost you a fortune at your local drug store. Below is Fluff's list of baking soda beauty hacks. Don't be afraid to try this at home!

1. Pearly Whites

Did you know you can use baking soda to clean your teeth? Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide solution and dip your toothbrush into this solution before brushing. You can also dip your toothbrush with your regular toothpaste into baking soda to get those teeth in tip-top shape.  If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to get pearly white teeth, here's your solution!

2. Body Scrub

Baking soda can be used as a paste to gently scrub off dead skin and have your skin feeling and looking smooth. Mix baking soda with water to create a thick paste and massage it into your most troubled spots. You will instantly feel the difference.


3. Healthy Hair

Baking soda surprisingly has its place in the shower too. Scoop a small amount of baking soda into your palm along with your favorite shampoo. It leaves your hair feeling light and soft by removing buildup and adding volume. You can also mix in some apple cider vinegar for the ultimate cleanse.


4. Bad Breath?

Dealing with excessive bad breath that cannot be tame with toothpaste?  Baking soda to the rescue! Just use baking soda and water as your mouthwash, it will completely neutralize the smell.


5. Flawless Complexion

Some people struggle with the appearance of uneven skin tone. Baking soda is an easy, inexpensive solution to this matter. It exfoliates by removing dead cells as well as balancing the pH level of the skin, which is necessary for healthy skin.


What are your favorite baking soda hacks?