Body Sugaring ALL Summer 18

To have smooth, sleek, and flawless legs every day of the summer would be a dream come true for most of us. While the cheapest route would be to invest in shaving cream and a razor from your local store, this could quickly become the most annoying option in the long run. 

Shaving our legs every other day, being covered in band-aids from misusing the razor, and sometimes missing a patch of hair on the back of your calf is not cute and simply embarrassing. Then, there's always an option to wax your body, but honestly, an eyebrow wax is already painful enough. Some people cannot handle the sensation over their legs and bikini area. If you're interested in an intense, painless natural hair removal method that will yield long-lasting results, body sugaring is perfect for you!

5 Reasons to Say YES to Body Sugaring!

Natural Ingredients

The traditional wax that salons use contains a long list of chemical ingredients. Sugar wax is clean enough to eat, literally. Most sugar waxes are made with sugar,  a form of citrus (lemon), and water.


No Risk of Getting Burned

Have you ever been burned during a waxing session? If so, you know how painful this could be. Fortunately, sugar wax only has to be warmed to body temperature, so no burns, no melts, no scars, no worries.


Easy To Remove

Sometimes a wax session can go wrong quickly and become very painful. Unlike a traditional wax, sugar wax is water soluble - no matter how long it's been sitting on the skin, it will remove effortlessly.


Irritation Free Post Treatment

Since sugar wax contains all natural ingredients and isn't applied hot like a traditional wax, there is less swelling and redness post treatment. The purpose of body sugaring is to feel flawless afterward. Sugar wax only removes dead skin cells and will leave your skin softer and smoother than ever before.


Permanent Results

Unlike shaving with razors or traditional waxes, where the hair grows back quickly and thicker, sugar wax breaks down the hair follicles.  After three to four consecutive body sugaring wax treatments, you will notice a reduction in hair growth until eventually, the follicle will completely atrophy.