Essential Oils That Are Essential To Have In Your Home

For 1000's of years in nearly every culture essential oils were used for cosmetic, medicinal, and health wellness purposesRecently, more people have been looking for natural, cost-effective ways to remedy minor ailments that may come up without having to visit a doctor or buy expensive treatments with a laundry list of inorganic ingredients.

Essential oils are generally extracted by distillation, often by using the steam to separate the oils from the water of the plant. When removing the oils directly from the plants, you get a powerful substance that contains healing properties. Here are a few essential oils that are good to keep on hand around the house.



Jojoba oil is multi-purpose oil that can be used by itself or mixed with other oils. Technically, jojoba oil is a liquid plant oil. The oil is rich in ceramides, which holds the skin's cells together helping it retain moisture and giving it a plumper look. It is an ideal oil to apply to dry scalp because it mimics sebum and will help keep your scalp moisturized.


Argan is a heavier oil packed with antioxidants, linoleic and fatty omega-6 acids. It is rich in vitamin E. Essentially it is a powerful moisturizer. Commonly used in hair products, it is great for creating a moisture barrier. It can be misted into a conditioner or used as a pre-shampoo conditioner. Argan oil can also be used on the lips to aid chapped and cracked lips.



Lavender oil is first-aid in a bottle! It is a great beginner’s oil because it is one of the more versatile oils out of all the essential oils. There is a wide range of benefits for using lavender oil.  It improves blood flow, is a sleep aid, treats eczema/dermatitis, treats insect bites, and acts as a natural deodorant.

Rose Hip

The harvested seeds of rose bushes produce rose hip oil. It is pack with fatty acids and vitamins A, C, E, and B-carotene, so this oil made for the skin. It helps with skin elasticity, evening out your skin tone and collagen production. You can put a couple of drops onto your face to exfoliate your skin. It also can be used you help your eyelashes grow thick.


Sweet Almond

Asian practices have used sweet almond oil for centuries. It is a hypoallergenic oil, so it doesn't irritate sensitive skin or cause breakouts. It is even safe to use on a baby's skin. It can be massaged directly into the skin to help skin texture and to remove dark circles.



Peppermint oil is another great versatile oil, one of the oldest herbs used for medicinal illnesses. If inhaled, it can reduce nasal congestion. It can reduce headaches when massaged into the temple. The oil contains menthol, so it relieves dry scalp, nourishes dull skin, and frees the skin from pimple-causing bacteria.



Known to be one of the first essential oils made, cedarwood oil usage dates back to the Egyptians. It is a fragrant oil but is very multi-functional. It can help prevent cavities. You can utilize it as a natural astringent or sleep aid. It treats hair loss and hair thinning.



We know the herb from seasoning our pizzas and plates of pasta, but using it as oil is good as well. This oil was used heavily in herbal medicine during the 16th century. It is high in antioxidants such as carnosol, carnosic, ursolic, rosmarinic and caffeic acids. It can help stimulate hair follicles promoting hair growth and aids dry scalp. You can use it as a mouthwash. It can improve cognitive function. Pour it into a diffuser to spray in your work-space, it will help you study or focus on tasks.


Tea Tree

Undoubtedly, tea tree oil is the most popular of these oils. It is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and its versatility. It is a cleaning, healing oil. It eliminates dandruff, prevents acne and can clear up sinus infections. It also has been proved to treat minor urinary tract infections and yeast infections.

These are a few essential oils that are available at your local grocery or hair store. You don't need every essential oil that is out there, but it is useful to have a few around the house. Try to incorporate them into your daily routine. Your body will thank you later.