Health & Wellness Tips

With the heat and humidity this season, it is vital that your water intake increases. But what other ways can we take care of our bodies year round? Here are several health and wellness tips you can apply to your life to improve your health and make you feel much better. Whether you struggle with low energy, a restless mind, stress, or just haven’t been feeling yourself lately, these tips can help you achieve a better you.

Eating Your Fruits And Vegetables 

We all know the age-old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but one a day is definitely NOT enough, more like five! According to physicians, we all should meet the recommended daily serving of five full portions a day. Since eating fruits and green vegetables does so much to protect our bodies from illnesses, we would be silly not incorporate more into our diet.

Most people do not have the time to cook several times throughout the day, so five portions may seem like a lot. One way to remedy this is juicing! It’s a fun, easy and tasty way to pack in a lot of fruits and veggies, and to ensure you are getting the nutrients you not only need but deserve!


Healthy Stomach Healthy You 

Speaking of the healthy foods our body needs, have you ever thought about feeding your stomach?  We often underestimate the power of having a healthy intestinal tract, and how that can affect the rest of our lives. Making sure your stomach is healthy helps with the breakdown of food, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of toxins within the body.

Ensuring your body is clean and healthy starts with the food you’re consuming on a daily basis. Packing in fermented foods that are rich in probiotics increases the number of good bacteria in the stomach. You should incorporate things like apple cider vinegar, yogurt or mangoes to your diet. Having a healthier stomach will not only improve your overall physical and mental health, but it will also lower your chances of developing certain diseases later in life.


Unplug and Meditate 

With so much stimulation going on in our everyday lives like television, cell phones, computers, etc., it is essential to take time for yourself.  Try going a few hours a day without connecting to the outside world. Maybe pick up a good book, take a walk around the neighborhood, or finish that puzzle you’ve been working for months. The things around us can lead to anxiety and stress and can cause mental, emotional, and or physical illness.

Meditating is a great activity that relieves stress. Through meditation, many people have seen improvements in their mood and physical health and gained a piece of mind.

If you’re having trouble sleeping it may be because of the things you do before bed. Try reading or meditating instead of scrolling through social media. Chances are you’ll be in a much calmer state as you drift off to sleep.


Herbs and Spices

Another natural way to relieve stress and boost energy is through herbal alternatives. For centuries we have used herbs in medicine, and nowadays people are turning to them more than ever. Most people incorporate herbs by cooking with them or using them as a tea. 

Herbs like chamomile and ginger are great for calming your nerves and improving stomach health. Others like turmeric are a great source of antioxidants and aids with memory. Adding an herbal tea to your daily diet will not only provide physical benefits, but it will also be a great addition to your new relaxed bedtime routine.