Glossier Liquid Blush!


Summertime is here, and the temperature is rising! With it being very hot this summer, many people are opting for the "my skin but better look" over their usual full face beat for an everyday look. 

The makeup line Glossier is well known for creating products that not only make you look beautiful but are healthy for your skin. Their liquid blush cloud paint has been a hit in the natural beat movement. Unfortunately, their first release of shades Haze, Puff, Dusk, and Beam did not provide enough pigment for darker skin tones.

Full set feeling 🎨🧡

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Luckily, Glossier has launched two new shades that look amazing on deep skin tones. Storm is described as a warm rose shade and Dawn as sunny coral. You can use them individually or mix them together to create the perfect shade.