Did you hear about Ariana's latest song?

The momentum of the women's rights movement is not slowing down anytime soon! We have seen strides in the last year for women in many arenas. The most popular lately is the 'Me Too' movement, which empowers women who face an array of inappropriate physical treatment to face their oppressors/attackers. Latest to support this movement and continue the empowerment is none other than the pop star Ariana Grande.

when all is said n done ....

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Ariana Grande's newest song has a spoken bridge that chides those who attempt to poison or destroy women. She subsequently throws a large hammer through a glass ceiling shattering it. The verses of the song encourage women to push through barriers and boundaries.

She speaks to one man stating "I can be all that you told me not to be, and when you come for me I keep on flourishing... it's all in me."  It's also alluded to by other lyrics in the song that Ariana's fiancΓ©, Pete Davidson, believes God is a woman. The video only released a few weeks ago via Vevo already has a whopping 32,350,424 views!!

God Is A Woman out now directed by Dave Meyers πŸŒ‘πŸŒ˜πŸŒ—

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The scene above from the video has inspired the cosmetic company LUSH, famous for its bath bombs, to create a new bath bomb fittingly named God is Woman. See the first attempt to recreate the video below. 

The gender of God is a debate that has gone on for centuries and of course will continue. But if you askAriana Grande, the responsibility to create all life forms can only be done by a woman. Keep her video views increasing and women empowerment movement alive by checking the video out for yourself!