Makeup Tips That Everyone Should Know

Applying makeup can be a little overwhelming at times. Makeup is a lot like fashion. Just when you start feeling comfortable there is a new trend that pops up and peaks everyone's interest. When it comes to applying your makeup, well there are a few basics and hacks one must know. Here are some tips from makeup professionals to help you out on those days when makeup gets a bit daunting.


1. Using A Paint or Nail Brush For Your Eyeliner

If you are having a hard time creating that precise line for your eyeliner, it could be the brush and not you. If you have small eyes, use a paintbrush that is designed to create thin lines. Due to the actual size of the tool, it can help you have better control when drawing out a straight line at the right length and width.


2. Heating Up Your Eyelash Curler

Just curling your eyelashes is not always enough. Some lashes require a bit more oomph to get the ideal flutter. Think of it being similar to curling your hair. Your hair is easier to manage when the curling tool you use is hot.  The hair that grows from lash line is not much different. Warm up your eyelash curler with your blow dryer, and you will get perfectly curled lashes that will last all day.


3. Contouring For Your Face Shape, Not Her Face Shape

We all know that contouring helps shape the face, but rarely is it explained that not everyone should contour the same way. We all have a different face shape and as a result, there are different shadow and highlight tricks to use. For a better contour determine your face shape and see how you should sculpt your face during the contour stage.


4. Keep Q-tips Handy

Q-tips are always handy to have around. They are so versatile! If you mess up on your liner, use can use a q-tip to fix the mistake without having to take off your whole eye look. A tip applied in Korean makeup artistry is to use the q-tip to apply a shadow or a gel liner to the waterline and inner lash line.


5. Using A White Base Along With Your Eye Primer

You will find that some shadows (especially with bolder colors) may not show up as pigmented, even though you have primed your eye. Try using a white base. Having the white base helps colors display their true pigment, whereas eye primers are skin tone colors. Using a product that is the shade of your skin tone can blend the color out while the white base helps create the foundation the color needs to show bolder.


6. Cover Those Spots!

No one likes them, but most people have pigmentation issues. Some foundations cannot fully cover the scars and marks on the face. The way to fix this is by color correcting. Using a color correcting concealer over the imperfections before applying the foundation will cancel out the dark areas giving you an even base.


7. The Power Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is utilized in multiple ways in makeup and skin care. It is used as an oil cleaner as it breaks down waterproof mascaras and those drying liquid lipstick with ease. A drop of coconut oil can revive a dried out eyeliner and it can condition the lips. When combined with sugar the mixture can make an exfoliating sugar scrub. Yummm.