Recreating Celebrity Styles with Indique

When recreating styles, the last thing we want is to have one of “those” moments. You know those  “What she wanted vs what she got’ moments? Yeah, that! We’ve done the legwork, so you can imitate some iconic looks without worrying about having a hair-emergency. You’re welcome, ladies!


One of the hottest celebrities right now is Cardi B. With her recent album release, her elope with Offset, and her pregnancy she has us all eager for her next move. What we can’t seem to get enough of is Cardi’s ability to pull off EVERY hairstyle. With so many favorites we decided to recreate the blonde bombshell she served at Billboards 2018 Red Carpet event. Cardi has many wigs but this ash blonde gave us so much life!

What You’ll Need:
3 Tubes Hysteria #27 – 18’’
1 Natural Straight Closure - 16’’
Curling Wand
Flat Iron
Indique Essentials Heat Guard
Indique Essentials Shine Spray

First, you’ll want to find a stylist who is also a colorist. The stylist will need to color the closure to match with the tubes of hair before creating your wig.

Once your unit has been colored and produced, you can begin styling. Cardi styled her unit with a middle part. For the second step, you will need to use a comb to part down the center of the unit.

After you’ve got the part where you want it, spray the entire unit with Indique Essentials Heat Guard.  Using the heat guard will protect the hair while you press your part to create a more defined line in the center. It also helps tame some of the flyaways at the top of your closure, giving a flatter, sleeker overall look.


For the fourth step, use your curling wand to add volume to the look. Take large sections and curl away from the face.  Just let the curls drop, this will ensure the curls are wavy and give you the sultry look Cardi gives in the photo above. 

Finally, finish with Indique Essentials Shine Spray for a healthy sheen. Finger comb to distribute and pull apart curls.

haircare_shine (1).jpg


Janet Jackson is known for her ageless beauty, gentle spirit, and phenomenal talent.  At the Billboard 2018 event, she proudly received the Icon Award wearing a head full of voluminous curls. Though Janet has been known throughout the years to switch things up from straight to curly, we live for her lengthy tresses.

What You’ll Need
1 Tube Bounce Coil Curl 18’’
2 Tubes Bounce Coil Curl 22’’
Spray bottle filled with water
Blow Dryer with diffuser attachment (optional)
Design Essentials Curl Defining Mousse
Indique Essentials French Argan Oil

First, you’ll want to choose the lightest bundles, so they’re easier to lift to that gorgeous caramel color Janet is sporting. Be sure to drop off your bundles to your stylist a few days prior to install, so your color is complete before your scheduled appointment.

The second step involves the install. For your install, your stylist should place the 22’’ on the bottom and 18’’ on top. You may have some of the 18’’ left over, that is fine. What we’re going for is a dense full mane. To achieve the tousled look she has here, you should have minimal leave-out at the top and  perimeter to ensure the most uniform curl throughout.

Now that your hair is colored and installed you’ll want to spray it with water. Do not drench the hair, but leave it damp.

Fourth, apply a generous amount of Design Essentials Curl Defining Mousse. Be mindful of how much hair you have, and that you’re applying the product to the hair evenly. To get the lift Janet has in the photo, apply more mousse in the front of the head, near the hairline. Lift with a comb and move it in the direction you would prefer the hair to go. Janet has her's lifted and moved to the left.

Once you’ve saturated your hair with mousse, apply a tiny amount of Indique Essentials French Argan Oil to add to the hydration and shine.


For the sixth step, use a blow dryer to diffuse the curls until dry or let it air dry.  If you let the hair air dry, we recommend redefining your curls by picking them apart and twisting them. It is vital you do this with the hair left out at the top and perimeter to help with blending.

When the hair is dry, gently separate any areas that may look too ‘tamed’ or not as full. Be mindful of playing with curly hair too much it will create frizz.

Finish by pulling your hair over the shoulder that corresponds with the direction of your lifted tossed curls.


Skai Jackson has made a lot of moves in the film industry for years now. Skai has been working hard since 2007, continuing to impress those around her not only with her talent but with her poise and grace. She also has quite the name for being a fashionista.  At this year’s 2018 BET Awards Skai sported a slicked back pony with bobby pin detail. Simple yet intriguing and very fitting.

What You’ll Need
1 Tube Pure Curly 18’’
White Bobby Pins (or color of choice)
Elastic Band
Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Refresher
Design Essentials Edge Control
Boar Bristle Teasing Brush

To begin, you’ll want to pull your natural hair into a low ponytail after creating a center part. Depending on your hair texture you may need to apply a holding product to lay your hair and create this sleek smooth pulled back look.

After you’ve pulled your hair back, unravel the Pure Curly hair from the tube. Be sure to detangle as you go.

Start by pinning the edge of the extension into your elastic tie that holds your pony in place. You may use more than one depending on the size of the pins you decide to use.  Place the pins with the ridged side down, this helps secure and hold the hair in place.

Once you’ve secured the first piece of hair the style is pretty simple. Build the hair upon itself by wrapping the hair until you feel like it’s full enough or the weft runs out. Be mindful to keep it nice and tight as you go. It wouldn’t hurt to secure your extensions as you go with more bobby pins after every few wraps.

When the hair completely wrapped, put any additional bobby pins in place to ensure the pony is secure. Don’t be too concerned if any are showing. Just make sure they will not move.  After the ponytail is complete grab a small section, about an inch of hair, and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, where the pins are placed.

Use Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Curl Refresher to spray your ponytail and finger comb it through. Pull apart curls to achieve that volume Skai has here.

Gently place the bobby pins on the side behind your ear. It’s easier to place them all going from right to left, then go in and cross-section the remaining pins.

Taking your edge control and Boar Bristle Teasing Brush use a light hand to imitate Skai's edges.