Recreate "Claws" Star Desna Blow-Out Style

Mob bosses, drugs, and manicures, who doesn’t love a drama filled comedy with eclectic fashion and marvelous hair?! Claws is a twisted comedy that follows five diverse and devious manicurists working in a Florida nail salon.   In this salon, a lot more takes place than acrylic nails and pedicures.  Set in the back swaps of Manatee County, Florida, Claws is a story about how good women get caught in the crime world with bad men. 

West coast let’s goooo!!! ❤️🙌🏽 @clawstnt

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Niecy Nash’s character, Desna is the sassy owner of the nail salon.  She and her crew launder drug money for the Russian Mafia.   Desna’s signature look is always very sexy, a little gaudy with the perfect blowout. 

If you are looking for gorgeous voluminous hair for your next install, recreate Desna’s signature look with the newest texture from our Bounce Collection, Blow-Out.  This texture is meant to mimic natural blown out hair, hence its name. With this texture, you have a lot of room to experiment with different styles, like this high side ponytail that Desna is rocking.  If you’re worried about maintenance, don’t be.  It is pretty easy to maintain.

Indique's Bounce Collection | Blow-Out Starting at $209.00

Indique's Bounce Collection | Blow-Out Starting at $209.00

The key to maintain this texture is hydration. As with all the other hair textures in the Bounce Collection, it has gone through a three-day steam process to achieve its texture, wave or curl pattern. To combat dryness, use a leave-in conditioner daily and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment once a week.  The Design Essentials' Bamboo & Silk HCO Leave-in Conditioner is an ideal lightweight spray to use.  To give the hair some shine, pair with Indique's Hair Care Essential French Argan Oil.  If you are opting for the silk press look, use the Indique's Hair Care Essential Heat Guard to protect the hair from heat damage.   As with our natural hair, it may revert to its natural texture when exposed to moisture or humidity.


Be sure to watch Claws season finale is this Sunday 9/8c on TNT.