Ultimate Guide: Bonnets with Bae!

Ultimate Guide: Bonnets with Bae!

Would you take your phone out the house with 1% battery life? Nope. Would you go to sleep without wrapping your hair in a bonnet? Never. This should be the energy of all women in 2018!

My worst nightmare as a little girl was waking up the day after a salon visit with a Jimi Hendrix afro as a result of sleeping wild. Tossing and turning at night can cause friction between your scalp and pillowcase, thinning your edges and leaving you with rough, dry and tangled strands of hair to rehabilitate in the morning.  To maintaining hairstyles, preventing frizz, and promote overall length retention, a silk bonnet is crucial and undeniably necessary.

While most women know the benefits of wearing a bonnet, lots of us throw all our knowledge and logic out the window when it's time to cuddle with bae. So, we have listed a couple of Fluff's favorite stylish bonnet companies that promote not only a healthy hair regime but can yield for a good Netflix and chill.


Isoken Enofe Faziah Bonnet

Vibrant, colorful and satin Ankara print bonnets are perfect for women that are nothing short of glamorous. Plus, they come in three different sizes to perfectly secure a 14-inch bob or 30'' inch faux locs.

Before Bed Headz Bonnet

Owned by the famous Miss Toya Wright, her bonnets is a reflection of her- prissy, simple and stylish. These bonnets can come designed with diamond-like studs across the headband and in different colors and styles. They also have baby bonnets for newborns and little girls, super cute!

Silke London the Sofia Silk Turban

These turbans are 100% silk. They slip on easily and are ready to wear. This super luxurious turban is the perfect nap cap for the ultimate girl boss.