Can a Vegetarian Life Increase the Health of Your Hair?

Having hair that is long, strong and shiny is what many dream of, yet not everyone is able to achieve it. With it being important to keep your scalp healthy, it is just as critical to pay attention to the food you eat. Signs of your inside health could be evident by your hair being dry, frizzy, smooth or silky. So, what is the best food for hair that will help it to grow faster?


As a vegetarian, I try to include different high-protein foods. Through research, I have found that this not only for bodily nourishment, but it also allows me to obtain adequate proteins for hair cell renewal. Hair is made of protein, and proteins provide energy needed to sustain tissue growth. This tissue growth is not only for your hair, but also for essential tissues such as your heart, liver and lungs, which your body will always prioritize. So, the first thing to suffer is your hair if your diet lacks protein. 

A nutritious vegetarian life, containing all essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats can be healthy, energizing and fulfilling.  A very important way to control the wealth and health of your hair is to be very strategic and intentional with the foods you consume.  Medical professionals will tell you, “What you put inside your body, shows on the outside.”  Daily, along with taking multi-vitamins, I focus on making sure I have more than enough protein, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fatty acids, biotin in my food and beverage intake.  

First, for breakfast, I eat two eggs. I enjoy them boiled, scrambled, or sunny side up. The way the egg is prepared is not a huge factor. However, it is important to note, the yolk carries over 40% of the protein in each egg.  Our hair is already made of keratin, which is a tough, fibrous protein.  Therefore, the eggs work together to help keep our hair stronger, which avoids excessive dryness, limp strands, and breakage.

Next, I obtain iron for my hair by eating spinach daily.  For lunch, my salad base is spinach.  Low iron can be caused by much more than lack of certain foods and vitamins.  Consequently, the thing we can control on a daily is food, so I find it easier to get my iron this way, again, along with multi-vitamins.  If you are not a fan of spinach, it can always be blended into a liquid drink, such as a smoothie.  



Fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits are also good to blend for a smoothie.  These fruits provide Vitamin C.  

Additionally, when finding foods for snacks, in between meals, I eat nuts.  Almonds are my favorite choice.  Nuts provide Vitamin E, which is a great nutrient to keep hair shiny and growing steadily.  I find it healthier to eat almonds that are individually packaged. This allows me to ensure my calorie intake is not too high.  Another option is eating an almond butter spread on apples or rice cakes.  Lastly, biotin is important to keep your hair healthy. Therefore, it is good to eat food that is high in biotin such as  avocado.   

A vegetarian life does not mean healthier hair in every case.  In order for your hair to stay healthy, you must be conscious of the foods you choose.  Whether you live a vegetarian life or a non-vegetarian, if you do not plan properly and eat a balanced diet your hair will reflect it.

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