Labor Day Relaxation

It's September already?! The summer is flying by fast, which means we have to soak up all the free time we have before the business of life picks back up again. With labor day coming up, now is the perfect time to plan the weekend you’ve been dreaming of! Stress can creep up on the best of us, but it’s our job to take time for ourselves. Time to enjoy the people, places, and things around us. Whether you plan to spend it relaxing or going out on the town, make sure it’s something good for the soul!



Spending time with loved ones:

Spending time with the people closest to us can oftentimes take a backseat when we have a million and one things to do. Between work, school, traveling, and other obligations it can be hard to make time for everyone. As a result, it is important we spend our free time with family and friends.  This year try calling or spending some quality time with them. Often these moments can become a great relief and reminder of how blessed we are and how far we have come.



Alone time:

In addition to making time for our loved ones, we also have to take time for ourselves. It can seem selfish, but it is honestly one of the most important things you can do for yourself. We're not saying you have to sit alone in your room all day (although that can be very relaxing), but make sure you include things you love into the agenda for the weekend.

Whether you take a drive down the coast, listen to a new album, see a movie, or take yourself out to a new restaurant, make sure you do something for you! Learning to take quality alone time can help not only to center yourself but teach you more about who you are and what you love to do.


If you’re looking for more events out on the town this Labor Day, here’s a list of fun and different things to do! 


See an Outdoor Film: 

This is perfect for those who want to get out of the house, but don’t necessarily want to be out in the hustle and bustle of the city.  “Eat See Hear” outdoor films are going on every Saturday in September at various locations! Go ahead and pack yourself a picnic basket filled with all your favorite movie snacks, sit back, relax and enjoy! 


Whale Watching: 

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new, yet extremely peaceful, venture out into the Pacific Ocean to witness some of life’s most amazing creatures in their natural habitat. A whale watching excursion gives you a break from the fast city life, and memories to last a lifetime.


A Night On The Town:

Still want to be outdoors but big bodies of water not really your thing? Check out night time attractions catered around music, food, and art. How can you go wrong with that?! The downtown area in your city is likely to have a lot of fun things going on, especially around Labor Day.


No matter what you decide to do, remember to make it something that brings you happiness and peace. Take this time to recenter your mind, body and soul before you return to the demanding world of reality!