What Blow Dryer Is Best For You?

Blow dryers have come  a long way,  but picking a blow dryer can be intimidating. With the inventions like the Revair Reverse Blow Dryer making us second guess if these items are truly blow dryers or vacuums of the future. With descriptors like ion, infrared and tourmaline it’s easy to get confused. Outside of the perplexing terminology several other factors play a role into what dryer is best for you including things like hair density, hair type and use of the product. So how do you know which one to pick?

First, detail out what you’d like to use it for. Is this a daily use, or an occasional use? Daily use needs to be an investment piece whereas occasional use can be something more economical. Then we want to decide your hair type and density. Is your hair curly or straight? Knowing your hair type will help you decide on any add on attachments you may want. Fine and curly hair is prone to frizz, so tourmaline may also be a good option for you. Are your tresses thick and full or fine and silky? Depending on your hair density you’ll want to choose blow dryers with different wattages as well. Have you ever heard terms like tourmaline or infrared and wondered, “What in the world is this”? You’re not alone.

Ions or something that is described as Ionic are air purifiers. Let’s get scientific for a moment. In Ionic hair dryers the free electrons (negative ions) help to break up water molecules so the hair can dry at a faster rate. Since the water molecules are broken up some water particles are left behind keeping the hair more hydrated and less likely to frizz.

Infrared helps increase stimulation and detoxification. Compared to traditional heat, infrared operates on longer wavelengths which enable a deeper penetration. Since conventional heat styling uses shorter wave lengths they don’t penetrate the hair strands and instead heat the surface first and conduct heat to the cortex; ultimately taking longer while exposing hair to heat for a longer period of time.

Tourmaline refers to a precious gem stone crystal, known as the electric stone, because of its unique properties combining ions and infrared. Tourmaline is a natural negative ion source. This closes and smooths the cuticles. The infrared hear penetrates the hair from within helping hair dry faster with less damage. Tourmaline dryers are known for reducing dry time, eliminating frizz and maintaining moisture while enhancing shine.

Now that you’ve got a better handle on what to look for in a blow dryer you can make a more informed decision on which dryer is best for your hair styling needs. Below are some of the highest rated dryers of 2018 in an array of price points intended for everyone’s budget.

Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 2100 Turbo Ionic Dryer
Uses: A Quick Dry

The tourmaline technology in this orange powerhouse which, claims to cut drying time in half, generate positive and negative ions leading to softer shinier hair. Retailing for about $60 it’s also a budget friendly option.

Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000
Uses: All Hair Types


As a favorite among professionals this dryer is equipped with heat and speed settings to fit most needs. The trendy color and compact design don’t hurt this Instagram worthy dryer either.  Retailing for around $199+  Harry Josh blow dryer is an investment item for the hair guru in you.

Twin Turbo 3200 Dryer
Uses: Fine Hair

This dryer has a multitude of settings making it ideal as an anti-overheating device which may benefits people with fine hair textures. Heavy products and high temperatures are the enemy of fine hair creating a weighted down and dry look. Having four temperature settings and two speeds this dryer is perfect for the heat control. The Twin Turbo retails for around $125.

DevaCurl DevaDryer & DevaFuser
Uses: Curly Hair


With this curl dryer-diffuser duo the patented DevaFuser  offer 360 degree air flow to enhance natural curls. The Deva Dry and DevaFuser boast defined waves/curls with no frizz. Retailing for around $159 this dryer is said to be life changing.

GHD Air Hairdryer
Uses: Thick Hair


Ionic technology is perfect for thick hair helping to cut down on heat damage with. This air dryer uses the ion technology to do just that. For around $199 you too can tame your thick tresses with minimal damage.

Conair Infinit Pro
Uses: Powerful Heat


This economical dryer packs a powerful AC motor that offers fast airflow for less heat exposure and quicker dry time. The budget friendly $34.99 price tag enhances your bang for the buck.

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