A Guide to Making Good Habits Stick

A Guide to Making Good Habits Stick

So you've decided to pick up a new habit? Good for you! Whether it may be work, health or family related, a serious commitment must be made to maintain this new habit before noticing any significant improvement. 

It's easier said than done, so don't beat yourself up if you lose track of your ultimate goal just after a few weeks or even days.  Falling off the wagon doesn't mean that you're unable or uncommitted, but there needs to be a change in strategy to keep you focused.

Below are some strategies that Fluff would like to offer to help you with your journey to gaining and maintaining new habits. After a few weeks of commitment to a new routine eventually, it'll become second nature.


Daily Journal

A dream wrote down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.

While it may seem very cliche and elementary, a journal is vital to your everyday productivity.  Writing down your to-do's, daily ideas, weekly goals, and progress will be not only therapeutic but serve as a life organizer.

 A journal will help increase your awareness and remind you of the things you will need to complete to reach the ultimate goal. Try to make a journal entry every morning or every night before bed to clear your thoughts. Don't worry about spelling and grammar- this is solely for you!



Establish a Trigger

A trigger is a person, place or thing that serves as a visual reminder of your habit. If you train your mind to correlate your habit every time you see the trigger, it will help increase your possibility of staying committed.

For example, if fitness is a new thing you're trying to incorporate into your daily life, it may be a good idea to have triggers associated with exercise. Every time you have to use the restroom, commit to doing ten jumping jacks. Not too hard, but it is a trigger that can serve as a great reminder.



30 Day Challenges

After a month of doing something consistently, a good habit or not, things can get pretty boring, pretty fast. If you switch up your routine, you can avoid the feeling of your good habit becoming a chore that you hate, which will eventually lead to you throwing in the towel.

Looking to improve your communication with your friends? Set up a weekly date night with your girls for one month and then switch it up to a few paint and sip classes in the next month. Trying to get healthy? Join a Zumba class this month and maybe try a vegan diet the next month.

There are limitless ways to reinventing your new habits, while still climbing towards your ultimate goal.