Best Tools for Adding Waves and Curls!

Best Tools for Adding Waves and Curls!

If you opted for one of Indique's straighter textures this season but would like to add some voluminous waves or curls, curling wands would be the perfect tool to help you achieve that look. And, if you happen to be rocking a wavier or curlier texture, these tools are also great for making smooth, well-defined waves or curls. Below are some key differences between using a curling iron and a curling wand that would be helpful to keep in mind and will help get you to styling!

Curling Wand

  • does not have a clip, allowing for smoother curls and waves

  • might require the use of a thermal resistant glove to prevent burns

  • requires one to hold the curling wand vertical with the tapered end pointing downwards in order to achieve best results

Curling Iron

  • contains a clip that could possibly leave indents in the hair

  • provides more of classic curl, rather than the beach wave curl, which is best achieved by using a curling wand

Product Recommendations to Help You Achieve Your Look

Have you tried Indique Heat Guard? This product is great for those times when your style calls for some extra heat to either flat-iron or blow dry your hair. Protecting your hair from thermal damage will surely help to increase the longevity of the hair and allow one to glide through the hair during heat styling.

One of Indique's newest products, the Formations Finishing Spritz, is great for adding a soft hold, as well as a little sheen to your look.

Happy Styling All !