How to achieve H.E.R. look using Indique Hair!

Singer-Songwriter Gabriella Wilson, better known as H.E.R has been warming our hearts and ears since she appeared on The Today Show in 2007 at the sweet age of 10. In 2016, Wilson adopted the moniker H.E.R and exploded into the public eye when the songstress dropped her first seven-song EP 'H.E.R. Vol. 1'. Known for her soothing and soulful voice as well as her enigmatic look with big glasses and bigger hair, H.E.R is definitely #HairGoals for a great deal of women. Let Indique help you achieve your H.E.R inspired #HairGoals with the help of our Pure Curly, Deep Wave and Coil Curl textures.

Recreate her signature style by using Indique’s  Pure Curly texture in the lengths 18"-24". Spritz a bit of our Heat Guard and wand curl a few strains for more wiry looking curls. 

If you want more texture, try mixing bundles of Bounce Deep Wave and Coil Curl both in the lengths 22. After misting your tresses with heat guard and wand curling a few pieces or the ends for certain looks, complete the look with Design Essentials Formations Finishing Spritz to keep your curls looking soft and and firm.